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Rallies planned over wild-horse management

October 14, 2010

Wild horse advocates are to resume rallies this month in at least seven US states to draw attention to the plight of America's wild horse and burro herds.

Protests in 12 more states are being planned.

The Cloud Foundation estimates nearly 40,000 wild horses and burros are held in pens and pastures at a cost to taxpayers while the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contractors move to round up more than 3200 more wild horses and burros before the end of the year.

The foundation has been calling for a moratorium on wild-horse gathers pending the development of a more sustainable long-term strategy for their management.

"There is no excuse for BLM's inability to manage America's wild horses and burros," says foundation director Ginger Kathrens.

"If the BLM wants to work with the interested public on solutions then our wild horses and burro herds require a ceasefire. Ground the helicopters and let's talk about fixing things.

"Continuing the costly, poor management practices of BLM that is leading to the total annihilation of the last of our wild mustang and burro herds is inexcusable."

The foundation is encouraging members of the public to start protests in their home towns and join those already planned.



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