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Pickens buys half-million acres for horses

October 10, 2010

Madeleine Pickens has bought a 14,000-acre Nevada ranch, with grazing rights on a further 540,000 acres, as her dream of a sanctuary for the 34,000 wild horses held in captivity comes a step closer.

Madeleine Pickens

Below: Pickens talks about the Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary plan:

The Bureau of Land Management has so far looked favourably upon plans by Pickens to run a pilot programme with 1000 captive wild horses.

Pickens' long-term goal is to get as many horses as possible captured by the Bureau of Land Management in its regular mustering operations into a sanctuary.

Pickens has purchased the Spruce Ranch, about 120 kilometres from Elko, Nevada. She plans to rename it the Mustang Monument preserve.

The property comes with grazing rights on an additional 540,000 acres of public land.

Pickens is also looking at further land in the area, which could potentially increase the grazing by a further 28,000 acres.

Pickens, the wife of Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, has been promoting her vision because of her concern over the number of wild horses in captivity.

Her plans involve the use of long-term birth control methods to keep horse numbers in check on the property.

There are now as many horses in captivity as there are on the western rangelands. The cost of keeping the captive animals in short and long-term holding facilities is now taking the lion's share of the bureau's budget for wild horse and burro management.



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