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US rider wins 1000km Mongol Derby

August 14, 2010

American rider Justin Nelzen has won this year's Mongol Derby, with South African Saskia Van Heeren pipped for second in the 1000-kilometre race.

Justin Nelzen
New Zealander Madonna Harris has a firm grip on third and, barring any mishaps over the last 15 kilometres or so, should hold on to that position.

Justin Nelzen, a former US marine, and van Heeren, who also raced in the 2009 derby, camped last night at the penultimate Urtuu (horse station) just 25km from the finish line.

Fourth and fifth positions are held by Sophie de Selliers, of the United States, followed closely by Richard Dyer, of Britain.

Harris is about 30km ahead of over the pairing, who have yet to make the second-to-last horse station.

Another 30 or so kilometres back are Camilla Swift, of Britain, and Hillary Ponti, of the United States.



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