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Bureau signs off on another Nevada muster

July 27, 2010

Federal land managers plan to gather about 200 horses from the Reveille herd management area in Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management says it intends to reduce the current estimated herd of 278 to around 80 animals. The number of horses considered appropriate for the area is 138.

Fertility control will be used on animals released back into the wild following capture.

The muster is scheduled to begin early in September.

The bureau says the muster is needed to maintain a thriving natural ecological balance for the remaining wild horse population, wildlife and vegetation.

"The current wild horse population in the herd management area is twice what the range can handle," said Tonopah field manager Tom Seley.

If the bureau reaches its target, another muster is not expected to be needed in the area for 3-5 years.



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