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Surprises on Britain's WEG eventing team

July 14, 2010

Britain has named a squad of six eventers for the World Equestrian Games later this year, with some top horses and riders only making the reserves.

Pippa Funnell and Redesigned. © Mike Bain

Piggy French and Jakata
© Horsesports Photographic

The squad comprises Tina Cook (Miner's Frolic); William Fox-Pitt (Cool Mountain); Piggy French (Jakata); Pippa Funnell (Redesigned); Mary King (Imperial Cavalier); and Nicola Wilson (Opposition Buzz).

The non-travelling reserves (in alphabetical order) are Daisy Berkeley (Spring Along), Sharon Hunt (Tankers Town), Oliver Townend (Ashdale Cruise Master) and Lucy Wiegersma (Woodfalls Inigo Jones). The team is subject to the six selected horses confirming their form at competition to be agreed by the Performance Manager and the selectors.

"This team is an exciting mixture of horses with previous Championship pedigree and younger horses making their Championship debut," said Yogi Breisner, World Class Performance Manager for Eventing.

Pippa Funnell, who has not been chosen for a British team for five years, was elated at her selection. "I am just completely speechless; if anyone had told me six months ago, I never would have believed them! Though the horse is young, he has always impressed me and his owners who are of course equally delighted that he has been selected.

"I know it is still three months away, and I know as well as anyone the ups and downs of having horses, but it's still a huge honour to be asked. It would be more than a dream come true to be riding with some of my old team mates along with Piggy and Nicola who I have always really admired as riders."

The four riders who will form the team at the Games will be selected nearer the time.



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