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Horse meat to go on sale in Australia

July 10, 2010

A West Australia gourmet butchery has announced its plans to sell horse meat following a relaxation of rules across the Tasman.

Mondo Di Carne gourmet butchers in Perth will offer the meat to meet what it says is demand among ethnic groups with a culture of eating horse.

The move follows a decision last month by West Australia Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman to permit slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Vince Garreffa, of Mondo Di Carne, told WA Today: "We feel it's not going to be big business, it's not a money making venture; it's all about supplying the ethnic community with something they grew up with."

At least one local restuarant is reported to be considering putting the meat on its menu.

Up to 70,000 horses are slaughtered annually in Australia and the meat exported for human consumption.



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