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Sixty-one brumbies go for pet food

July 9, 2010

Sixty-one brumbies went for slaughter as pet food following an auction in outer Sydney, the Victorian Brumby Association reports.

One of the lucky ones: VBA Picasso, a yearling gelding who was passively trapped from the Bogong High Plains region of the Alpine National Park in Victoria. He is for sale.
The horses had come from the northern region of Kosciuszko National Park, the association said, and were trucked to horse sales at Camden, in outer Sydney.

"We heard our first rumours about this at 9.30pm the night beforehand and managed to get media and the RSPCA to attend as well as some independent observers," the association said in its newsletter this week.

"The brumbies were in poor condition and several had unacceptable injuries.

"There is no question that wild horses have absolutely no place at public horse sales.

"Trucking them for hours to get there only to be publicly exposed and further terrified as they were run through the sales is cruel and inhumane and must not be allowed to happen again.

In the end, only two were sold into new homes, the remainder bound for the knackery to be processed for pet food.

"They will now be further transported to a knackery, there to await their fate. We wish the private purchasers of the two youngsters the best with their very lucky brumbies," the association said.

"We hope very much that you'll hear more about this in coming days in the media."

Between September and November last year, the association took nearly 40 brumbies from the Northern Kosi unit, where the brumbies that went through Camden had come from.

The association said a change in management at the Nationl Parks and Wildlide Service in the Kosi unit has been "disastrous" for it efforts to rehome the Kosciuszko brumbies.

"They now seem uninterested in rehoming these brumbies to us. We are meeting with Parks New South Wales and the RSPCA this month to try to ensure this terrible situation never occurs again."



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