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Conference to be held in heart of brumby country

June 16, 2010

Conference-goers are heading into the heart of brumby country for an international wild equid conference in Australia later this month.

Wild horses at the research study site at Kings Creek Station. © ABRU

The Australian Brumby Research Unit is running the conference at Kings Creek Station, in Northern Territory, from June 21-26.

The organisers described the event as the perfect opportunity to mix science with travel, and experience the Australian outback and Aboriginal culture.

The outback venue is near Alice Springs in Central Australia.

"This is an opportunity to meet equine scientists from Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe and Africa and experienced wild horses first hand."

The conference was to be limited to 50 places.

The speakers included renowned hoof expert Chris Pollitt and David Berman, who will speak on the ecology of feral horses in the central Australian desert.

Jason Ransom, from the United States, will talk on mustang behaviour, while another US speaker, Steven Petersen, will discuss mustang GPS tracking.

Chris Walzer, from Austria, will talk on Przewalski horses and Magdalena Zabek (Austria/Poland) on Konik horses.

Earlier literature indicated the organisers were intending to organise a speaker on New Zealand Kaimanawa horses.

Activities during the conference will include observation of feral horses and camels in the desert by day and activity at the water hole at night (under a full moon); handling and quietening of brumbies over four days; and guided tours of Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock (Urulu), The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) and local Aboriginal sites.



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