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Second horse death renews jumps ban call

May 31, 2010

The death of a second horse in a jumps race fall this season in Victoria has renewed calls for the banning of the sport.

Prince Vitality fell and broke his shoulder during a race in Casterton yesterday, less than a month after the death of New Zealand galloper Sirrocean Storm, who sustained a broken leg after hitting a hurdle in a race in Warrnambool early in May.

Prince Vitality, a seven-year-old gelding who had won nine races and nearly $A200,000 in 81 starts, broke a shoulder after tipping over at the first obstacle shortly after the start.

The event was declared a no-race by stewards after Prince Vitality was put down and the horse ambulance was bogged on the landing side of the jump, which meant the field had to miss the obstacle.

The RSPCA said it would once again call upon Racing Victoria Limited to immediately put an end to jumps racing.

"Neither fatality comes as a surprise to the RSPCA as they will continue to occur for as long as RVL allows jumps racing to continue. Both deaths, like the hundreds before them, prove that no revisions that have been made to the hurdles can stop this carnage," the RSPCA said.

Elio Celotto, spokesperson for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, said: "We all know that the deaths are going to continue and Racing Victoria has once again got blood on its hands. We have always said these jumps cannot be made safe. These horses will continue to die until jumps racing is banned."



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