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Wild horse musters planned for Wyoming

April 13, 2010

A wild-horse muster is planned for two herd areas in southwest Wyoming.

The operation, which will include the use of helicopter trapping, will target horses in the White Mountain and Little Colorado herd management areas.

The Bureau of Land Management's Rock Springs Field Office proposes to start the operation around October 1, or after the next foaling season, on July 1 next year.

Recent population surveys revealed about 301 wild horses lived within the White Mountain area and 142 in the Little Colorado area.

The appropriate management level set for White Mountain is 205-300 and the range for Little Colorado is 69-100 horses.

The bureau has given no indication of how many horses it intends removing.

It says breeding-age mares selected for release back to the range may be treated with a long-lasting contraceptive vaccine in the hope it would slow the growth rate of the herds.

Public comments on the proposed gathers must be received by May 7.



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