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Amigo is coming home - and a party is planned!

April 8, 2010

Amigo cropping grass in his pen.

Amigo's wound as of April 7. The lavender powder as a fly repellent.

The original injury.

Nearly 8500 Facebook fans of endurance horse Amigo have been invited to a party to mark his return home.

Given that fans of the horse, who has made a miracle recovery from an impaling injury, are spread around the world, it is unlikely the large animal clinic at the University of Tennessee will be swamped with visitors.

However, Amigo has enjoyed a steady stream of visitors over the many weeks he has been recovering at the clinic.

Amigo was given only a 2 per cent chance of survival after being impaled on a branch in his pasture at Luttrell. The branch penetrated his chest cavity and snapped two ribs.

The Arabian horse has overcome a string of life-threatening hurdles to be well enough to go home.

Bills for his care have climbed to around $US25,000, but fans have rallied to meet well over half the cost. Amigo's owner, Gary Sanderson, has taken on a second job to help repay the $US10,000 he has put towards Amigo's care.

It was the best $10,000 he ever spent, he told Horsetalk.

Amigo, whose wound is continuing to heal from the inside out, was assessed by veterinarian Nick Franks earlier this week. Dr Franks gave the nod for Amigo to head for home.

"Amigo finally has the thumbs up to head home!" Sanderson said on Facebook.

A celebration is planned for the clinic at midday on Sunday, April 18.

"Everyone is invited! Doesn't matter if you are a wonderful fan here locally or just want a getaway from Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand or elsewhere!" Sanderson said.

"This will be a pot luck affair ... so bring a covered dish and we'll eat and celebrate the miracle of Amigo's survival and recovery!

He plans on pulling the names of three fans from a hat on the day and giving them three of the horseshoes that came off Amigo when he arrived at the clinic.

"There are no luckier horseshoes anywhere in the world!"



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