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Rallies in support of wild horses

March 26, 2010

Wild horse advocates will rally in four cities today as part of their campaign for better management of the animals.

Supporters are gathering in Washington DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and London this Thursday (today, NZ time).

Advocates have been growing increasingly vocal over the Bureau of Land Management's strategies for controlling herd numbers, which now see more wild horses held in captivity than on the western rangelands.

They also oppose a plan by US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to move horses to new herd areas further east.

"Advocates and members of the public worldwide are disgusted with the treatment of America's wild horses and burros and are protesting Salazar's expensive plan for the removal and destruction of the last American wild mustang herds," said Ginger Kathrens, director of The Cloud Foundation.

The rallies, called March for Mustangs, comes to Washington just as Salazar attempts to persuade Congress to provide at least $US42 million to fund moving the first group of 26,600 western wild horses to the Midwest and East.

The horses would be placed on private lands bought by the government for the purpose.



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