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Deaths climb in wake of Calico muster

March 22, 2010

The number of horses who have died since the controversial Calico muster in northern Nevada is now at 70.

The Bureau of Land Management said the 70th death was on Wednesday, when a 25-year-old stallion was euthanized due to poor condition as a result of tooth loss.

The 69th death was last Monday, when a 20-year-old mare was euthanized due to metabolic failure.

The bureau, in its daily updates on progress toward getting the horses prepared for auction, report that generally the horses are doing well and gaining weight.

As of Wednesday,a total of 1317 horses had been prepared for auction.

The bureau removed a total of 1922 horses from the five herd management areas in an area known as the Calico complex.

The muster, which last several weeks and ended on February 5, angered wild horse advocates, who argued it was unnecessary and the methods cruel.

The bureau countered that it was necessary to preserve the rangelands.

Advocates have since challenged the bureau over the number of deaths and miscarriages among the captured horses.



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