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Wild horses near highway to be removed

February 18, 2010

About 50 wild horses which have strayed from their herd management areas into a highway corridor are to be removed by the US Bureau of Land Management.

The bureau says the horses that have moved out of the Eagle and Silver King herd management areas are hanging out along US Highway 93, north of Pioche, Nevada.

At least three wild horses have been hit by vehicles, to the bureau's knowledge.

"The animals need to be removed from the area for their protection and the safety of motorists," it said in a statement.

The gather is expected to start around March 15.

The bureau intends using corrals baited with feed and water to gather the horses. When caught, they will be transported to the National Wild Horse and Burro Centre at Palomino Valley, north of Reno, Nevada, or the Delta Wild Horse and Burro Facility, in Delta, Utah.

The animals will be offered for adoption to qualified individuals. Un-adopted horses will be placed in long-term pastures.



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