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Delay announced for wild horse muster in Nevada

February 10, 2010

Wild horses in Nevada. © BLM

The Bureau of Land Management intends delaying a muster of 500 wild horses in Nevada, saying there is not enough time to conduct the operation before the foaling season.

The bureau revealed that it had received more than 9000 public submissions on the proposed muster in the Eagle herd management area.

The bureau intends to remove around 500 of the 600 horses in the area.

It said it would defer issuing a decision on the proposed gather until later this year, after the foaling season.

The public will be given a further opportunity to comment before a final decision is made, the bureau said.

The preliminary environmental plan for the muster also included a proposal to gather about 50 wild horses that have moved outside of the Eagle and Silver King herd areas and that are said to be threatening the safety of motorists along US Highway 93 near Pioche, Nevada.

The bureau said it was aware of at least three animals that have been hit by vehicles during the past year.

It said it was currently considering options for gathering these horses outside the official herd management area boundaries.

"The bureau anticipates issuing a decision in the next week addressing removal of wild horses along the highway to address the potential risks to the public and to the horses," it said.



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