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Conference session on Canada's planned equine ID system

February 4, 2010

Canada's moves towards a national equine identification and traceability system will be covered in a presentation and discussion session at Equine Canada's annual convention, which began this week.

The session will be held on Saturday at its Breeds and Industry Delegate Assembly.

Equine Canada recommends that convention participants make time to attend the session in light of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announcement on January 29 about the new meat hygiene directive for horses.

The agency's announcement outlines new record-keeping requirements for horses presented for slaughter at federally inspected facilities.

The agency characterises these new requirements as "the first step in the development of a comprehensive food safety and traceability programme for the Canadian equine industry".

The moves are designed to meet European Union standards for horse meat intended for human consumption.

Conference organisers said: "Members attending the session will have an opportunity to ask questions and thoroughly acquaint themselves with the issues and challenges that the proposed strategy aims to address.

"The development and implementation of a national identification and traceability system will affect members of all Equine Canada divisions - sport, recreation, breeds and industry and provinces.

"All members are invited and encouraged to attend the information session and to educate themselves about the important developments in new and proposed federal government policies."

Equine Canada's Breeds and Industry division provides a structure for the more than 40 breed organisations operating in Canada.

Equine Canada is the country's national governing body for equestrianism.



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