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VIDEO: Artist converts Hummer into horse carriage

February 4, 2010

Jeremy Dean and the Hummer he is deconstructing into a horse-drawn carriage. ©

A New York artist has made a statement with a symbol of gas-guzzling excess, converting a Hummer into a horse-drawn carriage.

Jeremy Dean and threw his life savings into the venture, buying the Hummer and then setting about cutting it up.

The result art work, which goes on display on March 4 at the Pulse New York art fair, sets in train his Futurama series, in which a line of custom vehicles will be produced.

The converted General Motors-made vehicle retains many of the comforts of the modern-day motor vehicle, but would require a horse to pull it.

The work is inspired by the so-called "Hoover wagons" of the Great Depression, where old cars which owners could no longer afford to fix were converted into horse-drawn vehicles.

The Futurama series explores the history of the automobile, development within the car industry, and speaks of the now seemingly gratuitous nature of the SUV culture. It addresses, too, in being horse-drawn, the uncertain automobile future we face as fuel reserves dwindle.

Dean has built a reputation for exploring the American dream and human progress through art, often centering around deconstructing and re-contextualising iconic symbols of power and wealth.

In doing so, he addresses social, political, economic and cultural issues.

An original hoover cart, and below, models of several variations by Jeremy Dean using a Hummer.


At the recent Scope Miami art fair, Dean displayed life-like models of what was to come.

While the Hoover wagons of old were simple and functional, the Deans incarnations will in some cases feature items such as drop-down TVs and other ostentatious trimmings - a clear message about modern-day overindulgence.

The Hummer's creature comforts include leather seats, additional chrome package details, working running lights, a stereo and speaker system, an entertainment system including 3 LCD video screens, a DVD player, chrome rims, and - essential for any modern-day carriage - low profile wheels.

Deans says of the project: "There comes a point in art and life when you have to take a risk and put it all on the line for what you believe in, so my wife and I took our life savings combined with the contributions of a few brave friends, bought a Hummer H2 and destroyed it the same day, for the sake of art."

Does Deans see something of the future? Could we one day be hooking our cars up to horses pull them as fuel supplies run dry?

Perhaps so, and having one of Dean's creations could prove just the ticket.

However, you'll have to supply your own horses and harness.



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