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Website to promote FEI's Clean Sport initiative

January 19, 2010

The International Equestrian Federation is launching a website to promote its Clean Sport initiatives.

The initiatives received overwhelming support from member nations, who passed the necessary resolutions to implement them during last November's General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark.

However, they were overshadowed by the adoption of the so-called progressive list of medications, which permitted small amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs in competition horses.

The storm of controversy over the progressive list, including the amount of time given for inquiry and consultation, resulted in the FEI revisiting the issue.

The zero-tolerance policy was brought back and the progressive list will now be considered at the next general assembly, late this year.

The Clean Sport initiatives, the result of two commissions of inquiry and an investment of some €1.8 million, are explained at

The website has information about the new regulations, aimed at combatting doping in equestrian sports.

"We felt it was important to have a dedicated site where people could go to get all the information they needed," FEI secretary general Alex McLin said.

"We firmly believe this site will raise awareness of our anti-doping efforts and increase overall compliance with the new rules when they come into force on April 5 this year."

The site is tailored to the needs of athletes, vets, officials, media and others to help them understand the initiatives.

The site also contains details about the new Equestrian Community Integrity Unit that was a key recommendation of the Joint-Commissions to help monitor corruption, identify offenders and conflicts of interest in equestrian sports, as well as safeguard horse welfare.

Members of the Equestrian Community Integrity Unit will be present at major FEI events beginning in April.

The new Clean Sport website will be complemented by the FEI's revamped website, due to be launched shortly.



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