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Small protest draws heartfelt thanks

January 12, 2010

It may have been a modest rally in support of wild horses, but at least one onlooker had some heartfelt words for the 15 or so people who gathered outside the state house in Boston.

In a report to the Cloud Foundation, a rally organiser wrote: "One businessman came running down to us and said, 'I have seen a lot of protest here over the last 25 years and this is the first time I have approached the protesters to say thank you. Thank you for doing this, I am a horse owner and horse lover and from one horse owner to another ... thank you.' Then he ran back towards his place of work."

The supporters from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut braved cold weather all day, talking to people in the street who approached asking what was happening to the horses.

"The response was really incredible, people were genuinely interested in learning more and then they were angry at the perpetrators when they did. Folks walked away vowing to call the president."

Supporters of wild horses and burros are angered over the pace of wild horse gathers and have called for a moratorium while better long-term strategies are developed.

The Equine Welfare Alliance said Congress gave the bureau a one-time budget windfall from the stimulus fund this year, but instead of using it to ameliorate the cost of holding 37,000 horses they were using it to gather another 14,000 - "guaranteeing an even larger budget crisis in coming years".



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