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New horse yarding rules at Australian events

January 11, 2010

A yard of solid contruction. Picture © EFA and

Stables and yards at events run under Equestrian Australia rules now have to be of solid construction.

As of January 1, electrified tape, strings, ropes or chains, are no longer be permitted at EA events. The new rule falls under Article 109.3 of the EA General Regulations.

A yard will be considered as a rigid enclosed area in which a horse is confined but in which it may be loose to freely move around.

The rule will not apply to a situation where a horse remains tied to a float or truck on a short tether and is not free to move around.

EFA CEO Franz Venhaus said for 2010 the yard rule will not be enforced at events where the event organisers have published in the event rules or conditions that the rule will not apply. "Responsibility for non-compliance with the yard rule will rest with the event organising committees. All other EA rules must be met."

At New Zealand endurance events those yarding horses can no longer use single hotwire tape yards, but instead must construct an area that is double taped and electrified and cornered with waratahs.



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