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First 140 horses removed in Calico muster

January 2, 2010

Horses taken from the Calico region in the BLM muster. © Kurt Golgart

The first 140 of an estimated 2700 wild horses have been removed from northern Nevada in the first three days of a muster expected to take eight weeks.

The Bureau of Land Management's Winnemucca District office reported that a contractor had successfully gathered the animals in the Calico Mountains Complex north of Gerlach.

"Most of the wild horses being brought in are in good condition and are being transported to a short-term holding facility," it said.

The controversial muster, covering five formal herd management areas, has angered wild horse advocates who have branded it cruel and unnecessary. The bureau counters that numbers need to be reduced to preserve the rangelands.

The bureau said it euthanized one animal, a 20-plus year-old mare in poor body condition, after consulting with an on-site veterinarian who determined the animal had little chance for improved health.

Its plan is to keep 600-900 wild horses in the Calico Complex.

The bureau said it was providing escorts to the media and the public to visit the operation. The public can also visit the short-term holding facility.



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