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Racing insider's work saving horses highlighted

September 29, 2009

Alex Brown takes a horse out for exercise.

The death of top US racehorse Barbaro has had many unexpected spinoffs, including research into racehorse durability and lameness, and more work on laminitis. But perhaps the most important impact Barbaro has had, has been in the movement to end the slaughter of horses in North America.

Trackwork rider Alex Brown, who rides for trainer Steve Asmussen, works to educate the racing industry and the public on horse slaughter and issues surrounding racing. Groups he's involved with have saved thousands of horses from death.

Brown's work has been featured in a documentary by Woodbine Entertainment which aired on The Score, Canada's sports TV channel. The programme looks at the impetus behind the "Alex Brown Racing" project, and how it started as a result of following Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner.

Also featured is some of the projects that Alex Brown Racing focuses on. This includes the Top Bunk List, that tracks horses who have made more than $500,000 at the racetrack and are now running in claiming races for $5000 or less.

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