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Fifteen older Pryor horses given home at foot of range

September 29, 2009

Fifteen of the older horses removed from the Pryor Mountains have been given a picturesque home on a 3000-acre ranch at the foot of the range, it has been revealed.

The 57 horses removed from the 188 living in the herd management area were auctioned at the weekend.

The Cloud Foundation, which opposed the muster on the grounds that reducing numbers would affect the herd's genetic viability, was instrumental in efforts that ensured all 57 were sold and went to good homes.

The foundation reported that residents of Billings had pulled together for the older horses.

"[They] are now back in their family bands," volunteer director of the foundation, Ginger Kathrens, reported.

The 19-year-old stallion Conquistador is back with his black mare, Cavelitta, and other family groups among the older horses have been restored - Shane with Moshi and Mystery; Bo with Sierra, Grumpy, Sand (BJ Star), Chalupa and their filly-foal; Trigger with Mae West and Evita.

"We also got Floyd who was so harassed the day he was captured.

"All 15 horses are now on a 3000-acre ranch at the base of their mountains. We had six trailers pulled by wonderful supporters, new and old friends alike, transport the horses to this beautiful ranch.

"The horses are in large pens and paddocks in their family groups for now and will be turned out soon."

Kathrens ran through the fate of other, younger horses.

"Rain found a wonderful home in Virginia, Arrow has a great adopter and is in Colorado for training, Image and Ember will stay together and live on a beautiful farm in Ohio with someone who has known them their whole lives. Sax is in Colorado, too, with an amazing home. Sage came to Colorado, too, and is in a great place. Fettucine and Summer went to good homes, I am hoping. Many other horses have wonderful people watching over them.

"It is devastating not to have these horses in the wild with their families - nothing we can provide them is quite the same.

"Still, this is what we can do to repair some of the damage. Thank you to all - I wish you could see Conquistador with his mare. The light is returning to his golden eyes.

"It was dark when we arrived so no photos of that night, just a half moon in the sky and some very happy and very tired wild horses displaced from their home but back together."



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