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Final count some way off on Wild Horse Adoption Day

September 28, 2009

Wild horses across the United States went under the hammer at the weekend, as part of a nationwide effort to rehome 1000 mustangs in one day.

Organisers of the National Wild Horse Adoption Day, said in a brief update on Facebook, that while the official day - September 26 - has come and gone, more events continue.

"Good reports from many areas, although several eastern locations had heavy rains and little or no turnout.

"Total adoption numbers will be reported in mid-October."

In the most-watched sale among the 35 staged on the day, all 57 wild horses taken in the controversial Pryor Mountain muster were rehomed.

The muster faced fierce opposition from wild horse advocates, who argued that the genetic viability of the herd, made famous in a series of documentaries, was under threat by the muster.

The Cloud Foundation, which led that campaign, reported that four bands of horses, 15 in total, including Floyd and Conquistador and his mare, will be kept together at a ranch.

"Ember and Image get to stay together, have a great home. Also adopted into great homes were Arrow, Rain, Helena Montana, Stiles, Cassidy, the lame foal with his mom, who is looking better, and Ginger got Sax."

The 19-year-old stallion, Conquistador, attracted the highest bid, of $US2500.

The foundation offered its thanks to those who contributed to a freedom fund and other supporters. "This is a big win."

An estimated 2000 mustangs were offered across the US during the day, a small portion of the more than 33,000 held in captivity by the Bureau of Land Management.

The auctions took place at 35 venues in a collaborative venture with animal welfare groups.

The adoption tally for all of last year was 3700.



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