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Village receives heroism award for rescuing trapped horses

June 8, 2009

Belle and Sundance before their rescue.

A crew of six to eight core volunteers dug out a 1km-long trench to a groomed snowmobile trail.

The Canadian village of McBride, which rallied behind efforts to rescue two horses trapped in snow, has received a heroism award.

McBride, a small town in Robson Valley with fewer than 1000 people, received the Kevin Anderson Award of Heroism from the British Columbia SPCA at its annual awards evening.

Village residents rallied for what the SPCA called the epic rescue of two abandoned horses last Christmas in the Mount Renshaw snowmobile area.

Village volunteers toiled for 12 straight days shovelling a one-kilometre trench through heavy snow to pave a path to safety for Sundance, a 14-year-old gelding, and Belle, a three-year-old mare.

The volunteers braved temperatures as low as -30deg Celsius. Their trench linked up with a snowmobile track, which completed the horse's path for freedom.

The animals were led free on December 23.



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