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Arabian Horse Association board backs US slaughter plants

June 7, 2009

Lance Walters

The board of directors of the United States Arabian Horse Association has passed a motion in support of re-establishing horse slaughter plants in the US.

It also voiced its support for equine rescue and responsible horse ownership.

The resolution passed read:
"Whereas, there is great concern regarding the humane treatment of all equine breeds and livestock, the Arabian Horse Association and the Arabian Horse Foundation actively supports equine rescue along with responsible livestock and horse ownership and breeding; therefore ... after extensive research, as a board of directors we support the reopening of equine processing plants for horses in the US. We believe the re-establishment of the humane processing of horses is in the best interest of the horse and livestock community, and, therefore, direct our AHA President, Lance Walters, to support the reopening of US equine processing facilities."

The resolution, passed unanimously, appears designed to give Walters, its new president, some direction on the issue following his recent election to the Board of Trustees of the American Horse Council.

Walters was previously the association's elected vice-president for four years, with two four-year terms as the Region 16 director before that.

During his 29 year career in the Arabian horse community, he has fulfilled roles as a club officer, regional director, breeder, owner, exhibitor, commissioner, commission chair, vice-president, and now president.

Walters said he was pleased to be involved as a trustee with the American Horse Council. "Since Arabian horses are involved in racing, showing, competition, and recreation, our owners and events are greatly affected by federal actions," he said.

"We are pleased to be involved once again with the AHC on a national level."

The Arabian Horse Association serves 37,000 members across North America.

It registers and maintains a database of more than one million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses and administers about $US3 million in annual prize money.

It runs championship events and recognises close to 600 Arabian horse shows and distance rides.



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