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Trainer charged over horse-killing remarks

May 12, 2009

An Australian racehorse trainer has been charged over remarks he made to media in which he talked of his racehorses being shot and their heads cut off.

David Londregan was reacting to news that Racing Victoria had suspended jumps racing after on-track deaths at the Warrnambool Carnival and that the body would meet this week to discuss the future of jumps racing.

Londregan was quoted in what Racing Victoria described as numerous media outlets, saying that he would video his horses being shot, have their heads cut off and sent to the Minister for Racing, Racing Victoria Ltd and the radical group against jumping races.

Racing Victoria stewards interviewed Londregan on Monday over his comments.

He was subsequently charged with making comments prejudicial to the image of racing under the provisions AR 175A which reads: "Any person bound by these rules who either within a racecourse or elsewhere in the opinion of the Committee of any Club or Stewards has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the image, or interests, or welfare of racing may be punished."

The media outlets relied upon during the inquiry were The Warrnambool Standard, 3AW radio, ABC and Channel 7 television bulletins.

The matter will be heard before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board at a time and date to be fixed.



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