Clone of top jumper ET starts stud career

March 11, 2009

Hugo Simon visits the clone of his famous showjumper, ET.


The three-year-old colt clone of the famous hanoverian showjumper ET is to stand at stud this season.

A test breeding by AI in January has proven successful, with the recipient mare 40 days in foal. E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion has been approved as a stallion by Zangersheide Studbook and the AES studbook. He will serve a few mares this season in the French region of Normandy.

E.T. FRH was a top international performer for Hugo Simon. His clone was born in June 2006 in Texas, following a collaboration between Cryozootech and Texas A&M University.

His stallion approval by studbook Zangersheide allows his progeny to be registered. AES studbook followed soon after and also approved him as a stallion. The rule in Europe is that a horse can be registered in only one studbook, which defines his breed affiliation, but a horse can be approved as a stallion by several studbooks which want to introduce his genes to the breed.

In order to prevent overuse and fatigue of the young stallion, only a small number of mares will be inseminated. He is too young to have a stock of frozen semen, and his semen will not be transported.

The original ET, now aged 23, was gelded at the age of three. Ridden by Hugo Simon, he was a champion showjumper for 10 years, was twice winner of the World Cup, and topped the World ranking for three years in a row.