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Fresh survey over Aust equine flu outbreak

December 11, 2008

A follow-up equine influenza survey to the one conducted in November last year is under way.

The horse community in Australia is being urged to take part in the survey.

"The Australian horse industry has apparently made a remarkable recovery from the traumas of the emergency response and eradication programme after the equine influenza outbreak of August 2007," said Australia Horse Industry Council president Barry Smyth.

Dr Melanie Taylor from the University of Western Sydney ran an internet-based survey in November 2007 to gauge the effects of the emergency response on the personal lives of affected people.

"This 2007 study discovered much insightful information, which has proven very useful to the horse industry and governments," Dr Smyth said.

"AHIC found the information very helpful in determining how the national horse industry was affected and how it was responding to the emergency. It is now time to do a follow-up study. "Some of you indicated at the time of the November 2007 survey that you would be willing to participate is a follow-up survey. You would have been contacted directly by Dr Taylor recently for the current survey. He urged anyone who has not yet participated to take the new survey. "This survey seeks to determine any lessons learned, if there have been any changes to biosecurity procedures in the horse industry, and any effects on individuals who were affected by EI infection in their horses or who were otherwise impacted by the emergency response. "The more people who complete the survey, the more useful will be the information gained from analysis of the responses."



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