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Horse news in brief

Movement ban in India being considered

October 31, 2008

India is reported to be considering a ban on the movement of racehorses in parts of the country as an equine influenza outbreak deepens.

Some movements are already banned but agriculture officials are expected to widen restrictions.

The first cases were reported in the Matheran area in the first week of October. Cases have since been reported 100km away, in Mumbai, and surrounding areas.

Pony dies after dog attack

October 30, 2008

Sparkle just after she was taken out of the pond.
A pony in Loomis, California has been euthanised after suffering major injuries in a dog attack.

The pony, named Sparkle, was found in a pond on her owner's property last week, which it appeared she had jumped into to escape the dogs.

"Her legs were mangled, bite marks all over her, her face was eaten up and her ear was off. It was horrendous. It was awful," owner Amber Farman told

Sparkle had to be put down two days later. Farman's husband shot the dogs, owned by a 70-year-old local man.

NZ wins World Mounted Games title

October 29, 2008

The New Zealand team of Scott Borland, David (Dee) Cherrington, Rochelle O'Hara, Geoffrey Tulett, and Nancy Te Whata won the World Mounted Games team title in New South Wales at the weekend.

Teams from 20 countries took part in the competition, which was held in Australia for the first time.

Two horses shot, one dead, after domestic dispute

October 29, 2008

A woman in Alabama who was mad at her former boyfriend took it out on two of his family's horses by shooting them.

One horse died after being shot in the head with a 38-calibre handgun. Police have arrested a 29-year-old woman, and charged her with animal cruelty, trespassing and criminal mischief and was jailed on a $7000 bond.

The other horse, owned by the mother of the woman's former boyfriend, was shot and badly injured.

Horse falls on girl at school event

October 29, 2008

A 13-year-old Australian girl is in stable condition in intensive care after she and her horse fell during a school championship in Victoria late last week. The horse tripped and dislodged and then fell on the girl.

An intensive care paramedic said the girl suffered pain in her neck, shoulders and stomach.

Horse burned by fireworks in football clash

October 29, 2008

A Police horse in Britain was burned by fireworks thrown by hooligans during a football game between Sunderland and Newcastle last week.

Police arrested 29 football fans during the clash. The horse was hit before the match. The mounted police officer was saved from injury by her riding helmet. Police are looking at closed-circuit TV footage to find the perpetrators.

Ch Supt Neil Mackay, head of Northumbria Police's Operations Unit, told the BBC that it was only through good fortune that the rider and horse and others nearby did not suffer serious injury.

Auction of showjumpers

October 29, 2008

Some 22 showjumping horses are up for sale at Holger Hetzel's auction in Germany at the end of next month.

In its fourth year, this year's auction will take place in Goch on November 26. The collection presents 22 horses - from talented youngsters up to competition horses. Hetzel is a former member of Germany's Nations Cup winning team.

Horses to have gone through the auction in past years include Coldplay and Ginger.

Phoenix looks to ban horse-tripping

October 25, 2008

Horse-tripping may soon be illegal in the US state of Arizona. City councillors in Phoenix will soon vote to jail or fine those involved in the "sport", which animal welfare groups compare to dog or cockfight.

There are three rodeo events which involve tripping: roping the horse's hind legs, tripping the horse while on foot, and tripping the horse while on horseback. Horses can break their legs and necks, and suffer other serious injuries when tripped.

It originated in Spain in the 16th century.

Donations help horse rescue trust to buy property

October 25, 2008

A horse welfare group in Ireland which specialises in rehabilitation and rehoming neglected and abused horses has raised nearly €700,000 to buy a 68-acre farm.

The Irish Times reported that donations and a mortgage had enabled the Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) to buy the property in County Wicklow. As well as its rescue and rehab operation, the trust also runs Ireland's only racehorse retraining programme. It currently has 39 horses in its care, including 16 former racehorses.

Support for the trust had come in the form of donations from Horse Racing Ireland, the National Stud, owner groups, racecourses, bookmakers, stud farms and others.

Police horses run over anti-war protesters

October 24, 2008

Protesters were reportedly run over by police horses and 15 people were arrested last week outside the university campus during the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Nassau county police were in in full riot gear at the Long Island campus of Hofstra University. About 350 protesters who said they were Iraq war veterans were involved.

The Poor Mojo newswire said that after a small group of veterans was taken into custody, "the police became very aggressive. The police commander on the scene ordered the horses and lines of riot police to push the crowd from the street onto the sidewalk. ... riot police then forced some demonstrators to the ground, where police horses rode over them."

Poor Mojo said that a horse stood on the face of former Army Reserve Sergeant Nick Morgan, breaking his lower cheekbone in three places. The site said that several others were injured in the crush, including a woman whose nose was broken.

First women to ride at Spanish Riding School

October 23, 2008

Two women are the first female riders to be accepted into the training programme for Vienna's Spanish Riding School. Hannah Zeitlhofer, a 21-year-old from Austria, and 17-year-old British woman Sojourner Morrell, who lives in the US, passed the school's entrance exam and trial period, and will now train for five years to become part of the school's performing troupe.

Klaus Balkenhol quits as US Dressage coach

October 23, 2008

USEF National Dressage Coach Klaus Balkenhol will part ways with the federation at the end of the year. A mutual decision was made not to renew his contract. The departure means his roles as Chef d'Equipe, National Dressage Coach and Technical Advisor to the USEF's High Performance Dressage Committee will end on December 31.

New stud farm for brewery horses

October 23, 2008

Construction at the new stud farm of US brewery giant Anheuser-Busch is under way in Missouri, and its Clydesdale horses are already arriving. Their new farm is 340 acres, near Boonville. The property is not open to the public.

Olympian Robert Dover to retire

October 23, 2008

US Olympic dressage stalwart Rober Dover says he is retiring from riding and teaching, and from the running of Romance Farm in Florida. He will dedicate his time to writing and working for the non-profit organisations the Equestrian Aid Foundation and Well Wish International. The five-time Olympian is to be inducted into the US Dressage Federation's Hall of Fame in December.



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