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Decisions near in Olympic horse doping cases

October 2, 2008

Decisions on several of the horse doping cases at the Olympic Games in Hong Kong last month will be released shortly, following hearings with the FEI Tribunal.

The FEI said that the suspensions of Chupa Chup, ridden by Bernardo Alves (Brazil) and Lantinus 3, ridden by Dennis Lynch (Ireland), have both been upheld. Hearings took place in early September, and subsequent appeals by both parties lodged with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the provisional suspension imposed by the FEI were dismissed.

Brazil's Rodrigo Pessoa and Rufus.

The hearing over the case of Rufus, ridden by Rodrigo Pessoa (Brazil), was held on September 25, and final pleadings were filed on September 29. The Tribunal says its decision will be issued shortly.

A second hearing in the cases of Camiro, ridden by Toni Andre Hansen (Norway), and Coster, ridden by Christian Ahlmann (Germany), may be required. At their hearings on September 26, the parties involved requested time for additional witness statements and additional submissions and briefs. Should a second hearing or conference call be required, it will likely be scheduled around 13 October. Tribunal is expecting decisions to be issued soon after.



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