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Tests from doped Olympic horses revealed this week

August 24, 2008

A report from the world horse sport governing body on the four doping cases at the Olympic Games is expected this week.

Under the FEI's Accelerated Medication Control Procedure for the Olympic Games, the B samples of the four horses were tested on Friday and Saturday, with the results expected by August 30.

Equi-Block is the product at the centre of the four Olympic doping cases.
Few nations will be awaiting the results more keenly than Norway, which is in jeopardy of losing its bronze team jumping medal. If that happens, Switzerland would step up to the bronze position, with The Netherlands fourth.

A positive test by Christian Ahlmann's horse Coster was reported to the FEI on Wednesday, August 20, and the other three - Brazil's Bernardo Alves (Chupa Chup), Ireland's Denis Lynch (LanLatin and Norway's Tony Andre Hansen (Camiro) - were reported on August 21. All four were provisionally suspended by the FEI and the three who had qualified for the individual jumping final in Hong Kong were barred from competing.

After the B sample results have been reported, hearings will be held in the following week. The FEI's Tribunal will issue a decision within 28 days of the hearing or last submissions.

All four horses tested positive to capsaicin, a class A prohibited substance for its pain-relieving qualities. It is classified as a doping agent banned due to its hyper-sensitising properties. It has always been prohibited, but only in the last couple of years has technology has been developed to detect it because it disappears quickly from a horse's system.



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