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Horses make move to cross-country venue

August 11, 2008

After the end of dressage in Hong Kong yesterday, the Olympic three-day-event horses were transported to the cross-country venue at Beas River, some 40 minutes away from the core Olympic equestrian venue at Sha Tin.

This was done in a fantastic blitz operation during which the loading, transport and unloading took just over one hour.

Attired in their best travel boots to protect them from injuries during transportation, the 68 horses travelled in 11 lorries escorted by 13 support vehicles.

The unusual convoy was escorted by the police who ensured a clear road to avoid that these Very Very Important Passengers be held in any way.

The horses were unloaded from the lorries within seven minutes after their arrival on site and were immediately installed in temporary climatised stables to spend a comfortable night before the cross-country.



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