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Kiwi company rushes to beat the Hong Kong heat

August 10, 2008

New Zealand equine veterinary product company VetPro has sent an urgent shipment of Arctic Blast rugs and bottles of recharge after hearing about the effect the heat is having on the horses in Hong Kong during the Olympic games.

VetPro, a supplier of equine therapeutics and nutraceuticals, have air freighted the products to the Kiwi eventers.

Arctic Blast products, introduced last year, have proven popular in the endurance world. The rug safely reduces the horse's body temperature by as much as 10 degrees in just minutes, reducing heat stress, helping to prevent muscle injuries and avoid dehydration as well as enhancing fast recovery from strenuous activity. The rugs are washable and reusable with a recharge solution.

Business Director Tina Reed says that while all the competition horses in the eventing will have the benefit of the facilities put in place for the cross-country, including cooling stations, the Arctic Blast rugs should give the Kiwi team an extra edge in the quest for medals.


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