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Aust equine vets reveal EI vaccine views

July 19, 2008

A majority of Australian vets who responded to an online survey do not favour ongoing elective vaccination of horses against equine influenza.

Members of the organisation, Equine Veterinarians Australia, were emailed a link to the survey and 83 responded.

Of the 83, 58% did not support ongoing elective vaccination, while 31% did. The remaining 11% were unsure.

The vets were asked to answer 13 questions, including where they were located and how much of their business related to racing or non-racing clients.

When respondents were grouped according to practice-type some differences appeared in the data. While the majority of both groups were either against vaccination or unsure, the proportion of vets that serviced the racing industry in favour of ongoing vaccination was more than twice that of vets servicing the non-racing sector.

Asked about compulsory vaccination, 60% said they would not support it, 28% would support it, and 12% were unsure.



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