Pierazade du Vialaret at a few days old.

May 23, 2008

The first foal to be sired by a cloned horse has been born in France. The arabian Pierazade du Vialaret, born on May 5, is the daughter of the colt cloned from Valerie Kanavy's two-time World Champion endurance horse Pieraz.

The filly is by 'Pieraz Cryozootech Stallion' and out of Dziupla, one of the foundation mares of endurance stud "Elevage du Vialaret".

Two months ago, the world's first horse clone, a Haflinger mare named Prometea, produced a colt born by AI.

Professor Cesare Galli said that this season they intended to breed Prometea to Pieraz, who is available to breeders by AI.

The original Pieraz was twice world champion with two different riders. In 1994, he won at The Hague with Valerie riding, and again in 1996 at Fort Riley with Danielle Kanavy. He won 12 160km races during his career.

Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion, who was born in Italy in February 2005, was bred specifically to become a breeding horse. He stands at Domaine de Castelcerf, near Lyon.

The newborn Pierazade du Vialaret.

Pieraz Cryozootech Stallion, the clone of Pieraz.