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Volunteers sought for 2010 World Equestrian Games

February 1, 2008

Want to help out at the 2010 World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park? Already some 17,000 interested people have registered, and now WEG 2010 organisers have launched a recruitment website to manage the thousands of volunteers needed.

Volunteers are needed before, during, and immediately after the games. Interested volunteers must also fill out a profile detailing when and how they could serve.

All volunteers will be required to go through an orientation and training programme before they can begin to serve with the Foundation. Volunteers will receive a variety of benefits for their efforts, including official 2010 Games apparel, volunteer credentials, and general admissions tickets.

Cathy Rutter, Director of Community and Volunteer Relations, said the online system would enable the World Games 2010 Foundation to communicate with volunteers, and give organisers access to volunteers who were needed immediately - not just for the 16 days of competition in 2010.

"With more than two years until the 2010 Games, we have already had countless requests for volunteer information," she said.

"We plan to give our volunteers special recognition during the Games for their efforts. We are depending on our volunteers to help make the Games a success - and that it's going to be both hard work and an incredible experience. At the end of the Games, we hope our volunteers walk away with the feeling that they had an impact on the Games' success."

Rutter said nearly 17,000 people have already registered. While those people will not have to re-register, they will receive an email asking for an update on their profile information through the new recruitment system.



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