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Nearly all properties declared free of equine flu

January 29, 2008

Just a handful of properties of properties in New South Wales remain to be declared "resolved" as the state approaches the end-game in its five-month battle against equine influenza.

Authorities say just 10 properties remain to be resolved, although the cases in question are well over 21 days old and therefore considered "inactive" in any case.

To date, 6676 properties have been resolved.

At one stage, late in September, about 1000 new infected properties were being notified each week.

The number of new cases began declining substantially from about the seventh week of the outbreak. From early November to early December, the number of new cases averaged 50 a week, then dropping to fewer than five a week during December.

The last new detected case was December 24, although testing indicated this infection was probably three weeks old.

It is now believed to be 54 days since the last fresh infection.



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