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Buckinghamshire rescue horses settling into new life

January 17, 2008

Newborn foal Timothy, at three days old.
Picture: Redwings

Horses taken from a Buckinghamshire farm where the carcasses of more than 30 horses were found are settling in well at the farms of various welfare agencies in England.

Among them are a two-month-old donkey foal named Esther and another named Timothy, who was born just a day after his mum was removed from the property.

Timothy's arrival brought the total number of horses from the farm at Amersham under the care of the Redwings Horse Sanctuary to 22.

"Timothy is an inquisitive little fellow, and mum Mary is doing a good job!" a spokesman for the sanctuary said.

"Esther is still playful but a little shy at times and mum Martha is always close by. The others vary in their confidence but all are eating and sleeping well, and settling in. It's early days, but we are pleased with progress.

"We have been overwhelmed with public support, good wishes and even donations. Over £20,000 has come in via web donations through this website alone, and we are receiving cheques daily. We are, quite simply, humbled by your kindness.

"We are entirely funded by the public's goodwill and our work is only possible thanks to the kindness of strangers, animal lovers and our loyal supporters. Our 1100 equines have a happy life, thanks to you. If they could speak, just imagine what they would say."

Esther, who is two months old. ILPH has named its fundraising effort after the young filly.
Picture: Redwings
Redwings said it had allowed the media in to photograph some of the horses.

"Be assured that all media coverage has been done with our vet team's permission and in an unobtrusive and controlled manner focusing on selected equines only.

"It's fair to describe the media interest as a 'storm' and within the first 48 hours we received over 100 calls, interviews and requests from national, regional and local broadcast and non-broadcast press ... and the story is still rolling.

"However, we must say a huge thank you to all media involved for their understanding, co-operation and sensitivity."

Meanwhile, the International League for the Protection of Horses, which has 11 Amersham horses in its care, is appealing for volunteers to help at its Norfolk, Somerset, Lancashire and Aberdeenshire centres on January 27 to sort through and clean tack and other goods donated as a result of the Amersham rescue.

The donated goods are arriving at the ILPH as part of 'Operation Esther', an on-line fundraising effort in aid of the charities involved in rehousing the Amersham horses.

ILPH estimates it will cost £66,000 to treat and care for the horses over the next year alone.

"We have really been overwhelmed by the public show of support and are very grateful to Operation Esther and everyone who has donated for their kindness and generosity," said Tina Sales, Head of Fundraising.

"If anyone can come along to help on Sunday 27th January to help clean and sort through the donated items, we would love to hear from you. We will be holding sales of the donated items in the very near future and will let everyone know when so as many people as possible can come along to pick up a bargain and help raise essential funds."



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