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British public rally behind Buckinghamshire horses

January 12, 2008

Horse welfare agencies in Britain have been buoyed by the level of public support as they set about improving the lives of 111 horses seized from a Buckinghamshire farm.

Police and welfare groups were greeted with the sight of 32 dead horses on the property as they set about removing the surviving animals, many reported to be in poor condition. Three were euthanized at the property.

The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) said they found "111 very scared horses in extremely emaciated conditions and some suffering serious injuries".

"Even the most experienced members of the rescue team felt this was one of the worst they had seen," the groupd said in a statement.

"We have 11 of these horses in our care and they are now being looked after in our Isolation Unit as they begin to recover from their ordeal.

"So many supporters have called the ILPH wanting to do something to help these horses - we have been overwhelmed by your kindness. It is wonderful to know that people care so much about their welfare."

ILPH said the best way people can show support now is with a donation.

"The sudden arrival of a large number of horses means extra costs for us - we estimate the costs could be as much as £66,000. Please make a donation of whatever you can afford to help us give these horses the care and love that has been sadly missing from their lives."

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, which has 21 equines under its care from the operation, said it, too, had been touched and heartened by the public support

Some people had offered practical help and others equipment. But many had dug deep and, as of yesterday, £20,000 had come into the charity.

"Those who have given know that we are entirely funded by the public's goodwill and our work is only possible thanks to the kindness of strangers, animal lovers and our loyal supporters. Our 1200 equines have a happy life, thanks to you.

"But what of the 21 equines that we have?

"You may have seen Esther in the media. This two-month-old darling donkey foal is here with her mum and she is indeed playful, which is a very good sign. Once she is signed over to us, she will have a home for life.

"We hope that she continues to do well. We will tell you about the others if and when we can, and we appreciate your understanding that we must do our work in these early days for these equines quickly and without interruption.

"But please know that we are all thinking of our supporters' kindness and words of thanks."



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