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Simple joys of horse ownership return to NSW

January 4, 2008

The simple joys of horse ownership are gradually returning to New South Wales, as the number of infected properties still considered active has dropped to just 684.

Owners in the green zone, which covers the great majority of the state, can now walk, ride or exercise their horses away from home without a "Travelling Horse statement" (THS), unless it is being taken to an event.

A THS is still required when transporting horses by vehicle in the green zone, or when moving a horse in any manner to an event.

Within amber and red zones, a permit may now be obtained to walk or ride a horse for a short distance. The permit is subject to a satisfactory risk assessment and the horse must return to the same property within the same day and must not contact any other horses along the way.

These must be obtained before the journey, but could cover similar movements for up to one month. Horses can be taken up to 5km in an amber zone, or 2km in a red zone.



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