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Low Gauss Magnetic Hoof Pads

by Linda Greenlaw

Research & Development

My own introduction to Magnetic Therapy

In November, 1990, the idea of magnetic, shock absorbent and supportive hoof pad, was born. Me, being the inventor and horse lover that I am, I would rather try my invention on myself, before I try it on a horse. I have Bursitis in my wrists, and Arthritis from my neck, through my spine, to my hips (very similar to Navicular.)

My Research & Development

Once I put my proto-type's magnetics inside two bracelets, my wrists felt better. I later purchased a strong magnetic seat cushion, for myself. In damp weather, I need to keep my magnetics close to the injury points (or pain points). If I remove the magnetics, the pain comes right back.

This tells me that magnetics cannot cure a long standing injury, yet it will relieve the pain of it. The magnetics can speed healing with fracture and breaks of bones, as well as soft tissue injuries. Although, you must wait to use the magnetics, until all bleeding and seepage have stopped.

I have also found that horses cannot stand much heat in their hooves. Therefore, as they can use high strength magnetics for short periods of time per application, these are not advised to be used during any exercise. This is where Power Pads come in; they are of such a weak magnetic strength, that they can be used at all times - especially during competition!

World-wide, there has been much research on the use of magnetic therapy for all kinds of health problems and injury related situations. As a matter of fact, magnetics have beenin use in Asia, for over 2,000 years! I have conducted “Field Testing” which was 100% successful!

In my own research, I have found some interesting data. I have had conversations with M.D.'s, Veterinarians, Farriers, Physicists and other specialists in the field of magnetics. Most importantly, the durability of design was tested at NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center. The following is a brief summary of what I have found and what Power Pads can do:

o Power Pads can be glued on or nailed on.
o These pads are re-usable, so they are economical to use, or “Cost Effective”.
o They are shock absorbent, with a built-in rim pad type of support for the hoof wall.
o At under 100 gauss strength, Power Pads can be used all the time, even in competition.
o Most magnetics currently on the market, are gauss strengths of 200, 300, 500, 800 and higher.
o Applying them is less toxic and much more convenient, than inserting magnets into the hoof wall.
o BEST of all, Power Pads are a large size, yet can cut with Pad Cutters or Tin Shears to 2 1/2 inches.

The very first “Field Test” case

The first horse to have Power Pads on, was a horse with severe Navicular. he was slated to be euthanized, after being “stall bound” from October 1991, to February 1992. The owner had warned me to stand behind the grain room door, so I would not get hurt, when her horse panicked (as she expected). The poor animal was in so much pain, that the thought of his hoof being touched, put that terror look in his eyes. The Farrier put the pad against the hoof, and the horse's eyes went soft, dark brown, his head dropped, he fell asleep!
This horse went on that summer, to win several “Hunter Pleasure” Championships!

Inspired by New England Master Farrier - JOHN BLOMBACH

First off, I chose John, because his opinion is so highly regarded, by so many Farriers, all over the world (as well as the fact that I have known him since childhood - his father shod my mother's horses, as well!)

After giving John and some other New England Farriers some of my original proto-types to use on their own horses, I went back and asked them what they thought, at one of their “get to gethers”. I asked for suggestions to improve my design; John Blombach stepped up and gave his best to me; which I followed “to the letter”. They told me that as they expected, the horses seemed more comfortable and the hoof wall grew back faster. What they did not expect, and were excited about, was that they found the hooves were growing in more resinous!

A concise Article on Magnetic Therapy, by Dr. Roger De Haan, DVM

There is an excellent, one page article by Dr. De Haan, that I include with all of my information response letters. In this article, he mentions that he has used magnetics on his own aching back pain, as well as prescribing it to clients for their horses, as well as other pets. He knows “first hand” how well magnetics work!

Of Special Interest to Breeding Operations

Normally, when a Stallion or Mare is laid up, they are given Bute, or some other “anti-inflammatory” drug. Very often, when this happens, you cannot breed these animals; so that if they are 'permanently' lame, they are a “liability” and are sold or destroyed. This is because some of these drugs can cause Birth Defects in foals. Power Pads are of such a weak strength, that there has not been this problem.

Also, owners have been advised that breeding mares cannot use the high strength magnetics (300, 500, 800 and higher). Again, Power Pads is of such a weak gauss, that there has not been this problem!

The “Bottom Line”

The “Bottom Line” is that Power Pads can save you money, on medical care costs, over your horse's life, as well as to extend their usefulness, into their old age. Equine Enhancement is working to find out exactly what life span the pads have; it is expected that they will last at least two shoeings - perhaps up to a year in “wear-time”.

Power Pads were created to make life easier for horse lovers and more comfortable for their horses!

They do that by cushioning the hoof and supporting the hoof wall (especially the “heel” of the hoof). Therefore, they act like a sneaker does for humans, with a different support system. Power Pads have the added benefit of a low gauss magnetic, embedded in the product!

With the sensitivity of the hoof to heat, the weakness of this magnetic makes the hoof grow stronger, faster, and without too much heat. Heat happens when the iron and other metals in the blood are pulled through the veins from the magnetics. As I mentioned earlier, Power Pads have been 100% successful in the “Field Testing”.

And, the healing, soothing pain relief that magnetics offer, Power Pads can deliver during Competition!



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