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Equine origins
Light shed on origins of Przewalski's horse
Domestication pushed back to 9000 years ago
Archaeologists find earliest evidence of domestic horses
Researchers cast light on early horse domestication
Boy unearths important horse fossils

Practical help
Where does a horse owner's liability lie?
Taking great horse photos
Tax trap for horse owners with lifestyle blocks
The cost of keeping a horse
Rodents around stables and feed stores
Stable toys: Keeping your stabled horse amused
Coping with stable vices

Horse issues
A helping hand through a tough life
The world's craziest horse laws
Horses need physical contact, study finds
Is showing and racing exploitation?
The unknown danger
Undisputed ownership of your horse
Special report: horse mutilation and abuse
Horse slashers profiled
US equine inventory up 1.3 percent
Famous horse exploits throughout history
Horses competed with rhinos for food

The Christmas pony who changed my life
Christmas crisis: Wild horses to the rescue!
Christmas Crisis in the Pony Division
The year horses saved Christmas - a Christmas story

The horse slaughter issue
The economic reality of scarce and toxic horses
Selling the "Unwanted Horse"
Horse slaughter trends from 2006 through 2009
The Unwanted Horse in the United States - international implications
The horse slaughter debate: separating facts from rhetoric
Notice to pro horse slaughter advocates
Mustangs face perilous future
Sensible debate over unwanted horses would help anti-slaughter lobby
Quarter horse policies part of the problem, not the solution
Why the organizations opposing the Slaughter Prevention Act are wrong
Views to a kill: The US horse slaughter debate
Horse slaughter's ethical impact
The relationship between horse slaughter and reported cases of abuse and neglect

People and Horses
A crazy year for the world's not so humble horses
Phar Lap: Rebirth of a champion
Bone of contention over Phar Lap's skeleton
It's been another crazy year for horses
Forgotten Heroes - the 20,000 mile horse trek across the US
The mark of Heath
Talking to the animals
How Bill Northern learned to listen
Many Irons in the Fire - Jutta Rosenblatt
Maren Domke makes move to NZ
Plucky youngster back in the saddle
The Happy Hackers of the Far North
Five Generations Ride at Bay of Islands Show
Berny's big adventure
Hard man, hard country, hard life
A horse of a different colour
Winning author is in Horse Heaven
He loves that darned old rodeo

The race for the FEI presidency
The horseshoes of Oakham Castle
The drugs vote that rained on the FEI's parade
Sidesaddles and suffragettes - the fight to ride and vote
Nineteen really interesting things about horses
Horses show ability in search and rescue role
Kiwi hunts out the best of Aachen at WEG
On safari in Botswana
A riding adventure through American cavalry history
The Byerley Turk - book extract
Who needs a horse when you've got an elephant?
Bitless, Treeless and Barefoot
Saddled with a big responsibility
The vet-patient relationship
Pony club approval for Parelli methods

Horse floats, trailers and trucks

Fifth wheel trailer hitches for heavy duty towing
The inside scoop on gooseneck trailer hitches
The real cost of running a horse truck
Beware of overpaying for road miles

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Breed Focus

Life tough for the Newfoundland Pony
Hope for rare horse breeds
Four new additions to family of "gentle giants"
2005 NZ National Arabian Show
NZ's wild Kaimanawa horses
Kaimanawa Wild Horses -photo essay
2002 Crabbet Convention
The true name of the "Caballo Espanol" - Spanish Horses
Life in Abu Dhabi - Arabian Central
Guardians of the Breed
East Coast Champs preview
WAHO conference goes Down Under
Arabian nationals a big success
Report from the 1999 NSW State Arabian Titles
Espano Estopa
Obituary - Dynamit
New book tells war mare's story
A haven for mistreated donkeys


Competition / Sports

Chariots of Desire
What's it all about? Why do horse shows matter?
NZ Mounted Games team tour to Canada
2002 UAE Endurance season kicks off
2001 Shahzada Preview
An endurance adventure
Ten Easy Steps for Organising a NITE Team
South Island Endurance Champs wrap
2nd Al Wathba Cup Endurance Ride
Tom Quilty 2000 results
South Island Polo Classic Final
Endurance - in the desert
1999 Tom Quilty Gold Cup
Triple Crown Preview


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