Juliet M Getty

Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. has been called a “pioneer in free choice forage feeding,” and her articles and interviews often appear in national and international publications.

Based in beautiful rural Bayfield, Colorado, Dr. Getty runs a consulting company, Getty Equine Nutrition, LLC, through which she offers private consultations and designs customized feeding plans to promote horses’ health, reverse illness, and optimize performance.

A former university professor and recipient of several teaching awards, she is a popular speaker, and is the author of the book, Feed Your Horse Like a Horse, based on the premise that horses (and other equines) should be fed in sync with their natural instincts and physiology.

Horse owners and caretakers hungry for knowledge have several resources, offered by Dr. Getty, for dependable information on feeds and feeding: a growing library of articles and recorded lectures, quizzes to test your nutrition knowledge, plus a monthly e-newsletter, Forage for Thought, all available through her website.

Her teaching and advice are based on sound science and her more than 20 years as a respected consultant and practitioner in the equine nutrition field.

Feed Your Horse Like a Horse