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Allergies & Blood Cleansing

by Robert McDowell

In a horse with a highly sensitive digestive and/or immune system the blood is constantly being subject to quality changes as a result of all this reactivity.

Such an animal is quickly classified as allergic as if this is some sort of an illness.

They are often prescribed long and expensive programs of desensitisation injections. This is just a license to print money, as it is not addressing the underlying sensitivity in fact it often makes it worse as the immunity is being further stressed by all these injections.

Later on the condition often develops to show up as lumps or cysts forming under the skin which is one of the natural reactions of the body's immune system to deal with all these toxins in the blood left behind due to the constant reactivity changes. These, if not being carried out efficiently though the kidneys or bowel, are packaged and stored just under the skin to keep them out of harm's way.

The idea is that this material can be

  1. Later released through the skin via perspiration.
  2. Reabsorbed into the Lymphatic System an discharged through the bowel.
  3. Discharged by allowing a localised process of infection to develop and break through the skin and expelled in this manner.
All these processes are within the repertoire of a healthy immune system and should not be subverted by surgical intervention or by the use of antibiotic therapy but rather encouraged and allowed to run their natural course.

By this stage in orthodox treatments, the animal has often been subjected to repeated courses of antibiotics in attempt to treat the lumps and cysts as infections which denies the release through eruptions at the skin level (process 3 above). This antibiotic therapy will further stress the immunity and often result in even more severe allergic responses.

This escalation then leads to treatment with steroids by which time the animal is often pretty ill and has cost hundreds or thousands of dollars with no real prospect of improvement.

Of course, some horses will improve due solely to their own fortitude and in spite of all this interference, but it is a tragedy to subject them and their owners to such arbitrary, debilitating, expensive and clumsy treatments.

The holistic approach is to calm and heal the nervous, digestive and immune systems and to facilitate the release of the toxins produced in the blood.

These processes are very simple and are best managed at home. They will often involve my prescribing as a first step, mixes like the Allergy Mix (Product 72) to address the sensitivity and histamine levels, and a Blood Cleansing Mix (Product 147) containing many alterative herbs which will clear the lymphatics and assist in re-establishing the appropriate removal mechanisms.

Depending on the individual animal, its state of health and the extent its metabolism and immunity has been damaged along the way, I may well prescribe further digestive, nervous system and antioxidant programs as the treatment progresses, in order to bring all systems back to normal health.



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