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Bright Day


by Gabrielle Deuss

Bright Day was bred by Mrs ADD McLean at Fenwick, Victoria. She was a big bodied chestnut mare with a blaze and some white on her legs. Most of her foals had discrete white markings, but Sabi Drift had lots. Fortunately he went to the South Island where there is, according to North Islanders, a lot less sun. Sindh was the sire of Bright Day and her dam was Brilliant, Champion Mare at Melbourne. Brilliant was by Riffal from Bind'a (Indian Light x Barada 2nd)

Marlene Feaver of Opunake imported Bright Day aiming to breed her to Nassaba. The resulting foal was Bint Nassaba, born 1970, a liver chestnut but not quite as dark as her sire. Bint Nassaba bred a colt in 1976 for Jack Evans, named Hiland Ace, by Aqil and a full brother for KW Mckay named Marama Faal.

He was followed by the well know Marama Sayf Samira, a colt born in 1979 and the filly, Marama Ceylan Samira (1980) both by Hiland Chief. In 1981 she had a filly for Tarapuruhi Arabians, named Moondust. She was by Nisab. In 1983 Carissimus by Ngapa Golden Lad was another filly for Mrs K Barribal.

Marama Faal went on to sire a number of Arabians, including (Under the Taxsin prefix) the fillies, Arietta and Tanya ex Araleigh Taseyn, Gemayel ex Hiland Beauty, Labaya ex Polenka, Rosette ex Hiland Beauty, Valencia ex Jessie, and the colt Mahal ex Polenka.

Marama Sayf Samira went on to sire Raphael ex Polenka, Golden Shelter Sayf Khamira and GS Sayf Shahba, Sayf Shama and Sayf Jewel all ex Khalifa (Saracen Karim imp x Kareema imp) for Jenny Klemra, then Hampshire Park Ansayrii Naufali for Mrs Fugett, Nimrim Bateek ex Waimeha Waina, Rademon Khaseem ex Khalifah and GS Sayf Jazaar ex Waimeha Farrah in 1988. Agilis Copper King, a successful long distance horse was born in 1992 from El Kheir Shakessa.

Marlene Feaver decided to go to South Africa and Bright Day moved to Tarapuruhi Arabians where she remained for the rest of her life. She was bred to Santarabia Bahran (Abiram x Our Queen (Count Manilla)). The first foal from this mating was Polenka. Polenka absolutely adored my mother.

I was by this stage at University in Palmerston North, but would visit Wanganui as often as possible. I was not amused when Mum and I went to see Polenka, she was a yearling, she laid her ears back at me, and herded my mother safely away.

The loyal desert Arabian mare!

After Polenka came Sabi Drift (1973), a spectacular colt with heaps of white. Isabel Cochran took him to the South Island with her, and he eventually went to the Scorbies, being the sire of the excellent performance gelding Garabaldi. Tarapuruhi Paris was his full brother, he had much less white, and he went to a Taranaki family who loved him to bits, taught him all sorts of tricks, and won glory on the front page of the Horse and Pony. Tarapuruhi Shadrack was gelded, T Jira and Arabian Dawn were full sisters. Arabian Dawn went to the Chatham Islands, Jira went on to the broodmare paddocks.

Both Bright Day and Polenka won Tarapuruhi Arabian Stud, the Awatea Trophy for Royal Champion Arabian Mare. Polenka began her breeding career after this win in Christchurch in 1974 when she visited Saracen Karim. T. Silverling was one of the first crop of Karim's foals.

Next Polenka foaled T Ada, by the classical Arabian Park Majestic. Ada had some foals by Lyric then went to Leonie Bennett to join Star of Arabia El Nath. Her foals were Silver Fern Astron, Leonardo and Silver Fern Tara. She eventually came to stay with the Jensen family, and her last foal was the last foal of Aqil, a filly. Polenka then had a bay filly Mashenka who went to Galaxy Arabians, and Poplicola, a gelding by Lyric.

Mashenka has a very nice bay colt by Ibn Grojec named Cottontail, he sired Hi Tail It before he was gelded. She also had 'Old Regret' a filly by Arabesque Azieze and then El Eshkar Mezarim, Galaxy Desert Warrior and Galaxy Shendelah by Naaddel and Galaxy Condor by Cyrasa,. Mashenka unfortunately died quite young. Polenka's next foal was a lovely brown filly by Desert Light (Surur x Melriffa). Unfortunately she died as two years of age with a twisted bowel.

Polenka then moved to Taranaki where she was bred to Nisab and produced the well known sire Marama Sabbah El Nefous, and Raphael (See above) before moving to Northland and Alan Rudolph, where her Taxsin foals are both by Marama Faal (See above).

After Arabian Dawn in about 1979, Bright Day was sent along with Melriffa, to Gezanne Stud to Fakhr El Nil (Imp UK). She had a positive pregnancy test but one day she was found dead in the paddock. It was a big loss as she was only 13 years old. Melriffa did not get in foal and died a short time later.

Bright Day did not only breed foals, she was trained to saddle, and entered side saddle classes as well as flat classes in open company. She was admired by horsemen and women of all creeds. A leading Polo Player wanted to buy her for export as a polo pony. She had a very good temperament and was very easy to handle which was just as well, as her main consort, Santarabia Bahran was a fiery snorty sort, to use the American jingo.

Her foals tended to develop very strong bonds with their owners, this was especially obvious with Paris, and the bond Polenka developed with my mother. Bright Day's breeding (Sindh and Riffal) was found in many performance Arabians of the time. The cross with the Bostocks bloodlines through Santarabia Bahran (Abiram and Count Manilla) was intended to enhance those performance abilities.

At our stud we still have two daughters of T Silverling to represent Bright Day. Star Ling, and Requiem (pending).



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