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Horse slaughter plant to appeal closure

December 13, 2007

The horse slaughter plant in Illinois that was shut down earlier this year is to seek a Supreme Court hearing for permission to appeal the closure.

Belgium-owned Cavel International has until January 18 to file its request.

Cavel's DeKalb plant shut in September and was responsible for killing for export and human consumption about 60,000 horses a year.

A court decision banned the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the state. It was the last operating slaughter plant in the US. Two Texas plants also closer earlier this year.

Supporters of the ban are now working to stop the export of live horses for slaughter. Known as the S.311 bill, it aims to amend the Horse Protection Act to prohibit the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling, or donation of horses and other equines to be slaughtered for human consumption, and for other purposes.



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