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Queensland gets amber zones in flu campaign

December 8, 2007

Major changes to movement restrictions came into force in Queensland on Friday, with more Queensland horse owners now able to ride and transport their horses.

One of the most significant changes is that some areas, including Maroochy Shire, Dalby and Stanthorpe are out of the red, and now classified as being in a new amber zone.

Department of Primary Industries chief veterinary officer Dr Ron Glanville encouraged all horse owners, regardless of which zone they live in, to "get the facts" from the department's website about the new changes before they move any horses, as strict conditions still apply in a large part of south-east Queensland.

The risk of disease spread remains, he said.

"To ensure we find the balance between reducing the risk of the disease spreading and helping the industry to recover, these new changes are complex but they are good news for horse owners," Dr Glanville said.

"The changes to movement conditions are very specific to the situation in specific areas particularly in the red zone, where there is still a risk of the disease spreading.

He praised the horse owners and local businesses who have been so vigilant in maintaining biosecurity procedures, which had stopped the disease from escaping the sout-east corner.

"It's this commitment to holding firm during these recent tough times that have enabled these less-restrictive changes."

Major changes include:

This is the first significant zoning change since the flu outbreak started in August. If good progress with disease eradication continues the prospect of further relaxation of movement conditions is good, Dr Glanville said.

An announcement regarding further relaxation of conditions within the red zone is expected early in the new year.

Dr Glanville said several critical things had not changed, including:

A full table outlining movement restrictions for each zone and other information is available at



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