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Changes expected soon in Queensland flu zones

December 7, 2007

Queensland is expected to roll out changes in its equine flu zones soon.

Rick Webster, director of the state's disease control headquarters, says significant work has been undertaken in anticipation of changes to zones in early December.

"The exact nature of changes and dates have not been finalised," he says.

"Smooth implementation will require additional resources to deliver the messages to the horse community."

Additional signage will be required and monitoring of compliance with movement conditions will be increased, because there will be an increased number of horse movements, he says.

Queensland recorded 59 new infected properties (IPs) in the last week, compared with 93 the week before, with 138 and 108 the previous two weeks.

There are no cases in the state's green zone.

"The total number of IPs is complicated by the property resolution process. Because of under-reporting, that has been recognised throughout the outbreak, some properties that were classified as suspect premises (SPs) have now been reclassified as IPs as they were close to IPs at the time when there were clinical signs of equine influenza.

"In such cases the clinical signs were typically many weeks ago, so these are not new IPs, but are new to the database. This has impacted on the epidemic curve and estimated dissemination rate graph which are not presented in this week's sitrep because they do not currently represent the true picture of the epidemic.

"Other SPs have been reclassified as N (negative) when there was no evidence to indicate infection. Some IPs have been reclassified as R (resolved). In total there are now 560 Resolved properties and 149 Negative properties."



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