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Final details on interstate horse movements soon

December 6, 2007

Nationally agreed conditions for the movement of horses between equine flu zones should be announced soon, according to New South Wales agriculture officials.

"The national requirements for moving between zones have not yet been finalised," the state's Primary Industries Department says.

"This delay is very frustrating for everyone.

"We expect that there will be substantial quarantine periods (two to three weeks) required before movement is allowed back to a less infected zone.

"The quarantine periods will be longer for vaccinated horses than for previously recovered horses reflecting the better immunity of recovered horses."

Full details are expected to be released soon.

The department, in its daily update, said the rate of new infected properties continues to drop dramatically as the number of resolved cases climbs.

"There have only been four new IPs since the start of December. These are all within containment lines.

"The progress is really encouraging. Thanks to horse owners for their cooperation and patience."

There continues to be small advances made in the freeing up of restriction zones.



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